We believe everyone should wear the promises of God in their walk and on their hearts. The Word of God is a garment that brings life-changing victory so we can wear these promises with pride...and for life. 


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Embrace the Struggle: Hiatus Clarity

October 04, 2016

Covenant Gear Ladies Struggle FleeceYep, you guessed it. The last few seasons left us a baby, budding company tired and in many cases, overwhelmed. But indeed, that was just a season.

During a very real and intensive space, God allowed our founders to walk through a series of tests, challenges and beautiful moments of clarity. 

...It's no secret, in life we are guaranteed to have struggles, the Father said it would be so. But He didn't leave us with the hopelessness of the struggle - He sent us the salvation of His Son Jesus Christ, and a tangible helper in the Holy Spirit.

The Best is Yet to Come...

July 01, 2016

Pippa Moonbeam: Cancer Survivor & Covenant Champion!It is hard to believe I have come to the end of my Breast Cancer treatment.

I write you on the eve of my last radiation treatment!  What does this mean? It means… I have SURVIVED!

I have Family and Friends who are my Heroes.
My body has endured a complete (both breasts) mastectomy, eight rounds (spanning 3 months) of intensive chemotherapy, first phase reconstruction, MRSA, and 33 (7 weeks, everyday) rounds of radiation.

Most importantly, it means The Healing Begins Now.

Oddly enough just like my diagnoses, I am scared. I am unsure of what this journey will look like, but in the end I know I will succeed.

Cancer, and the treatment for it, has ravaged my body from the inside out; from my bones to my skin and everything in-between.

Letting My Faith be Bigger Than My Fear

May 02, 2016

Mary: Real Girls Real and Covenant Gear Christian ClothingHave you ever felt like something was missing?  The past couple of years, I have felt that way, even though I live a pretty charmed life.  I know that it was mostly my fault, because even though I was active in church, I was not truly seeking God in my daily walk.

I had a bit of a spiritual awakening around a year and a half ago.  I attended BigStuf camp with our youth at church, and it was an amazing week of worship and being around others who were hungry for God.  The theme was "Your Story" and how you are meant for amazing things in God's wonderful story.  I came back rejuvenated and ready to pursue God's plan for my life! (whatever that was...)  I have tried to sustain that "camp high" through daily devotionals, attending other youth retreats, and prayer.


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